Throughout these cross-curricular learning days we will be employing a range of techniques to encourage all participants to reflect on the quality of their learning. You will find examples of audio, video and photo evaluations linked to the learning undertaken with curriculum teams on these pages. We will also keep a project blog and connecting with friends in other countries.

A key component of our evaluation strategy is the Skills Web (opposite). This will enable us to track the impact of the days on learners' acquisition of Personal Learning and Thinking Skills. Students will identify their level of competency in each of the six skills at the start of the first day and at the end of the second (using a different colour) enabling us all to see at a glance which aspects of the PLTS have been enhanced:
  • independent enquirers
  • creative thinkers
  • reflective learners
  • team workers
  • self-managers
  • effective participants.


PLTS in action

Here are some images of the Personal Learning and Thinking Skills webs being used in class. Some groups opted for analogue webs shared on the whiteboard whereas others used an interactive version. The web enables individuals and groups to track their progress in the acquisition of these all important skills, allowing them to engage in some meta-cognitive anaylsis of their own learning power.