Tallis Traces was the title of a workshop that formed part of the Tallis Perspectives cross-curricular learning days in July 2011. Students worked in vertically grouped teams to create a response to the imminent move to a new school building (Nov 2011). Two teams chose to create site specific installations, one in the art courtyard and one in our Pop Up gallery, The Crate. 

Here is one student's view of the project:

"On the first day we went around the school looking for a way we could record our school. We came up with rubbings and clay prints to record different textures. We also took pictures and drew around our shadows to represent where we have been. We filled a balloon of some of the contents of the field like grass and stones to remember all the times we had on the fields.

"On the second day we brainstormed how the school would look when it’s demolished. Then we created a 3D installation. We came up with explosions and body pieces. We also made a collage to show some of the things that would be gone when the school is demolished.  The installation was put in the courtyard and looked like a real explosion had happened. There is also a secret book where you will see a hand grenade in the centre."

The Crate installation focused on creating emotion maps of the site, utilising colour codes and found objects to record the psychogeography of Thomas tallis School. Installations like this require a whole range of creative skills including: research, idea generation, design and display, communication, project management and team work.