Here is one of the Post 16 student's descriptions of the Ghost School workshops:

"During the first day the students that were taking part in the activity were enthusiastic even though a lot of them did not choose what the activity themselves. Me and the other sixth form student helped the students go and collect sounds from around the school and showed students and teachers how to use the microphones. 

"Once the students had been split up into small groups and had collected their sounds, half the class went into the music room to create the music track for the dance that they were going to create, while the other half started working on their dance.
"The sixth form students that were there on the first day (Thursday) stayed primarily in the computer room helping the other students with their music track that they were creating in their small groups. 
"During the first day most of the students created a basic tack that they then built on during the second day (Tuesday). Again, during this time, the students were split up and in groups. They worked on their music by adding in effects and music from different eras (70’s, 80’s, 90’s and naughties). By lunchtime they all had the music that they needed to dance to and had their dance ready so they could rehearse the dance properly together as a class.
"At this point the sixth formers had nothing to do so were asked to write a reviews of what the process so far, I can not myself comment on the dance side of the activity however the music side went very well and I think was productive as a lot of the students already knew how to use the editing program and got straight on with the task that was set them."