Learning Outcomes for Day 1

- To work collaboratively to plan a transect of urban photos
- To collect images that represent the past, present and future of Thomas Tallis and Kidbrooke area
- To upload images captured on to Flickr and/or other photo management facilities

Learning Outcomes for Day 2

- To evaluate different images on the effectiveness of portraying the past, present, future of Thomas Tallis and Kidbrooke
- To use a variety of written and visual means to convey the meaning of different places and spaces
- To develop links with the international community
- To continue to develop ICT skills through the use of programmes such as Google Earth, Weebly, Flickr, iMovie, Pages and Tumblr.

Click here to visit the Tallis Click blog.

Check out this great audio gallery created by students taking part in the Tallis Click challenge. This is the second of two websites made for Tallis Click. Here's a link to the first of them.

The images below of Kidbrooke and The Ferrier Estate were taken by Mr Macdonald and Mr Hier's group.